Pokemon also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan is a media franchise that was created by Satoshi Tajiri and is published by Nintendo. Originally Pokemon was two Game Boy games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green which we’re released in Japan on February 27th 1996. Today Pokemon is a large franchise which consists of many Video Games, a popular Trading Card Game, Anime, Movies, Toys, and other merchandises.

The inspiration behind Pokemon comes from Satoshi’s childhood. When he was a child he would enjoy collecting bugs in the woods and other areas. However as he grew older Japan become more urbanized and the insect population dwindled. Creating the Pokemon games was like him giving the new generation of children in Japan a way to do which he enjoyed when he was a child, collecting creatures.

Pokemon is also the second best-selling video game franchise being behind Nintendo’s other franchise Mario. The main series continues to grow / develop and the journey goes on, with their being 719 Pokemon to now catch. You gotta catch em all!

General Concept

In the Pokemon Universe Pokemon are found in the wild and can be captured using a PokeBall, they can also be obtained in other methods such as sale, trade, and generally befriending them. Pokemon are pets as well as partners in Pokemon Battling. A person who battles Pokemon is known as a Trainer. Being a Trainer is every teenage child’s dream in the Pokemon Universe.

Trainers travel around Regions of the Pokemon world to challenge Gym Leaders, when defeated the Gym Leaders reward the trainer with a Badge. Each Region has 8 badges and after a trainer collects all 8 badges he or she may challenge the Pokemon League known as the Elite Four. Some people also enjoy collecting and breeding Pokemon instead of training them for battle. A Pokedex a journal like device is used to store data of all Pokemon a person comes into contact with.

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