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Welcome to PokeProject! Here at PokeProject we aim to gather information for all things Pokemon related. We are based on a community forum that started in 2006 and now we’re a full blow website. Please feel free to join the forums and begin the discussion on that big franchise we all love Pokemon.

PokeProject is easy to navigate but if you’re unsure here is a breakdown on how this website works. At the top-right of this page you will see three tabs. These three tabs give you access to the three different portions of PokeProject. The first tab that we will call the green tab is for this section of the website and here you will find general information about PokeProject the website itself. The second tab, the red tab is for the Pokemon related content such as games, anime, trading card game, etc. The last but not least tab the blue tab will direct you to our community forums.

Each section as its own tab and each tab will change PokeProject to that colour scheme so you know what part of PokeProject you are viewing. Thanks for visiting PokeProject and thanks for reading. Enjoy your stay with us and remember to check out the forums.

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